why pressure reduces in Nozzle?

Often hear the word Pressure? Ever wondered what exactly it is? The best possible analysis to understand anything in this world is to get to the fundamentals! So, let us analyse the word “Pressure” at its molecular level.

A high school physics textbook would describe pressure as force/Normal area. This definition gets messed up when you study that pressure reduces in a nozzle although it’s cross sectional area reduces. According to the kinetic theory of gases, pressure of a gaseous substance is defined as the force exerted by the gas molecules on the walls of the container per unit area.  So basically, pressure increases with the increase in velocity, mass and number of molecules hitting the considered area of the container.

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Car branding strategy

If you have a practice of reading stuffs around you, it’s quite obvious that the branding names used for various cars are intriguing!
So, have you ever wondered what does i-VTEC or VTVT actually means?
Let us analyse the various second names AKA branding names used by automobile giants!
Honda is a Japanese company known for its classy sedans. You might have heard Honda City 1.5L i-VTEC.
i-VTEC stands for inte`e valve timing and lift electronic control
So, what is valve timing and lift?
Basically an engine consists of 2 valves. An inlet and an exhaust valve. Inlet valve should be open while the air is entering the cylinder and exhaust valve must open in order to throw out the burnt gases.
The opening and closing of these valves should be very accurate and takes fraction of a second. The accuracy is achieved by rocker arms and cams. For better economy and power, valve timing is not always constant, it changes with the engine RPM.


What’s unique in i-VTEC?
i-VTEC consists OHV based 3 CAMs and 3 Rocker arms for a set of valves. Initially, when the engine RPM is low, each rocker arm is actuated by a corresponding CAM. The outer arms are connected to push rods which open the inlet and exhaust valves. So the middle arm is of no use. It simply reciprocates!
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